Staybowlizer Kitchen Aid

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STAYBOWLIZER is designed to secure or support bowls of all shapes and sizes across a diverse range of applications.
Think of STAYBOWLIZER as a 'third hand' in the kitchen.
Mix, whisk, melt, and whip with the freedom of always having the other hand free.
Made from food-safe silicone and heat resistant up to 260°c / 500°F making it oven, microwave & dishwasher safe.
Recommended by 'Maîtres Cuisiniers de France'


The STAYBOWLIZER has two methods to stabalise a bowl. In it's primary orientation (Logo side up), a bowl is cradled with a full 360° of support. The resulting friction from the contact between the outside wall of the bowl and the face of the ring provides outstanding lateral stability for the bowl allowing it to be set securely in both level and tilted positions as shown in the above slideshow.

Turn the STAYBOWLIZER over and by placing each hand on opposite sides of the bowl's rim and exerting a downward pressure, the device's lower flange collapses creating a suction lock between the bowl and the work surface. The bowl is then fixed solid.

Due to it's heat resistant properties the STAYBOWLIZER can also be used as support for a bain marie or a trivet. In fact the uses of the STAYBOWLIZER are immense.

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