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A punchy, full on infusion of mixed berries, fruit & hibiscus.

Fruit tea or 'tisane' (if you want to get posh about it) is a blend of fruits with no actual tea in it. When we came to design this we taste tested the world of fruit teas. . . . Generally they smell amazing but fall flat at the last hurdle, albeit the most important one - taste. Well, we wanted to produce something that tasted as good as it smells. We bring you 'jam in a cup'. It was simple, use real big chunky pieces of fruit. Tart and juicy.

Caffeine Free.

Ingredients: Hibiscus, rosehip, apple pieces, elderberries and freeze-dried elderberries, blackberries, freeze-dried strawberry pieces, freeze-dried raspberry pieces, blackberry leaves, flavourings.

Great Taste Gold Star Award Winner