Loose Leaf Teapot, Tea, Bamboo Tray & Creamer Set

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Forlife Teapot, Suki Bamboo Tray, Creamer & Pack of Suki Loose Leaf Tea

Choice of 5 Pot colours: Vanilla White, Graphite Black, Suki Branded Olive Green, Red & Blue

Choice of 15 Suki Loose Leaf Teas - See Below

Pot Details:

Removable 0.3mm Infuser for Loose Leaf Tea or Teabags

18oz Capacity Suitable for 2 Cups

Stainless Steel Lid and Infuser - Dishwasher safe throughout

Stylish Item by Designer Masa Fujii

Also Included:

Bamboo Tray Measuring 300mm x 200mm

2.5oz White Porcelain Creamer

Choose from:

100g Earl Grey Blue Flower - Fairtrade organic Indian leaf tea with Centaurea Ceranus (cornflower petals) and natural Bergamot flavour. 2009 Great Taste Awards Gold Star Winner.

80g Apple loves Mint - The warmth of apple and the freshness of mint finished off with stunning baby rose buds. 3 Gold Star winner Great Taste Awards 2014 & listed in their Top 50 Products

80g Red Berry - A tisane of elderberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, apple, rose hip peel and hibiscus blossoms. Also great as an Iced Tea.

100g Breakfast Tea - 42% Fairtrade Assam Loose Leaf, 58% Fairtrade Tanzanian Loose Leaf. 2014 Great Taste Awards Gold Star Winner.

30g Peppermint Whole Leaf - Whole peppermint leaves create an incredibly fresh, purifying cup. Also makes a refreshing Iced Tea. 3 Gold Star winner Great Taste Awards 2014

100g Belfast Brew - 60% Fairtrade Assam & 40% Fairtrade Tanzanian this is Suki's Signature drink. A strong Traditional Irish Tea. Awarded 2 Gold Stars in the Great Taste Awards 2008 & 2009.

30g Chamomile - A calming Herbal Infusion made from 100% Organic Chamomile Flowers. In 2008 this was the only drink in it's class to gain 3 Gold Stars in the National Great Taste Awards.

100g Indian Spiced Chai - A blend of tea & spice inspired by a recipe Oscar got on his travels. Indian Loose leaf black tea, aniseed, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cloves, chicory roots and flavouring. 1 Star Great Taste Award winner 2012

100g Lapsang Souchong -Do you like smoky whisky, marmite or Guinness? You'll not be disappointed with this tea; it is smoked with cedar wood and pines. 100% premium smoked tea.

80g Mango Tango - Chunky bits of fruit combined with a sweet black leaf & marigold flowers as eye candy. Looks good, tastes great. Black tea with mango pieces, marigold flowers and flavouring.

100g Dark Cocoa Tea -Black tea and bitter cocoa kernels blend for a rich chocolatey cuppa. Loose leaf Black tea, cocoa kernels, flavouring. Gold Star Winner - Great Taste Awards 2014

80g Spiced Citrus -This is a warm, homely, flavoursome blend made from many chunks of citrus fruit and spices. Black tea with apple, coriander, orange, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, pink pepper, cloves and flavouring. Great Taste Award - Gold Star Winner 2012

100g Gunpowder Green Tea - A punchy, full flavoured tightly rolled leaf. An all day classic. The tighter the roll, the better the quality. 100% Organic Chinese rolled green tea.

80g Lemongrass & Ginger -Thai-inspired from ingredients selected from Asia & beyond. First lemony, then spicy, sweet then minty fresh. Caffeine Free. Lemongrass, ginger, liquorice root, pink pepper, cardamom, spearmint, verbena leaves & peppermint. 1 Star Great Taste Award Winner 2008.