Decantus Aero Pourer Wine Aerator

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Decantus Aero - Aerating Wine Pourer

Wine needs to react with air to reveal its fullest flavour, bouquet and aroma. Where a decanter does this over an hour or two, the Decantus does it instantly.

Creates softer tannins, a more aromatic bouquet, great flavour and is scientifically proven to reduce sulphites an average of 56% - Enhances wine's flavour like no other pourer on the market
NB - Sulphites are the compound in red wine that gives you a headache

Removable top lid for covering contents for restaurants, wine bars and tasing rooms

DECANTUS have been voted the best wine aerators on the market

Consumer Reviews

Reaction to the DECANTUS has been tremendous. As a result of showing the product to potential buyers, here are just a few comments:

Just wanted to let you know that we had an aerator challenge here at Brandywine Cellars. Decantus won by a landslide against competitors. The Decantus sold like Hotcakes! Great Product! – Joyce Finn, Brandy Wine Cellars, North Carolina

The Decantus is blowing off of our shelves! This is awesome! – Jen Beasley, Trinitas Cellars Tasting Room Manager

The reception at Rockwall’s new winery for the Decantus was fantastic. Rockwall had my table set up to demo both Rockwall’s new Petite Sirah and Rosenblum’s Zinfandel. The best part was showing all the Petite Sirah fans the difference between the Venturi and DECANTUS and how much better the wine was using the DECANTUS. – Patty Plowman, Wine Industry Veteran